“To Be is to Belong to Someone”

When our liquorice bodies swayed in rhythm

Side by side, left shoulder to left shoulder

To the tune of subway screeches

When I stole a childish glance into the flickering eyes

Hoping to remain statue-like, indifferent masculinity

But oozing boyish laughter through my eyelashes

When the gesture was returned and your lemon tree lips

Quivered a quaint floral grin – ivory-toothed

And your regal cheeks bended

When I brushed your elbow and felt the unmovable static

Electric shocks – and your hair frayed, backlit

My cherubic Eros – my Psyche besides

Not mine, I do not own, cannot chain – you are free!

Yet where you stand is so close, of your free choosing

and I choose, I choose here – I do not subjugate

Myself – equal stature, like natures, begets

Confirm me!  sixty-nine platonic spheres

I seek your affirmation because in you I am confirmed

To be known. to be known. to be known.

When we stepped out into the crowd of undifferentiated

Eyes, I saw no one, only the erect posture I followed

Mirrored vision, you here, in me – my god, and I in you

My second self, I question your furrowed brow

Warmth answers, swarms of life’s bitter mystery

When you laid me down in a field of clover

And created no shadow when you bent over me

And the earth shook and the veil of the temple was torn

When I became no longer a being but a knower of your eyes

When I saw you seeing me lost in your being lost in me

When we sighed side by side abiding

I lived and died and fled and flew

I cried and joyed and loved and knew


~ by falleninparadise on May 9, 2012.

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